In Memory of Ricardo dos Santos | 1990 - 2015

Ricardo dos Santos 1990 - 2015.

Very sad news today. Ricardo Dos Santos has died in the hospital after being shot three times at his local beach Guarda yesterday. Our thoughts go to the dos Santos family and the surf community.

Ricardo dos Santos was one of Brazil's most liked and admired big wave surfers, even at the young age of 24. His tragic death is a loss.

He wrote a short article a few months ago about a beautiful place (his home Guarda, Brasil) that had seen lots of bad people making wrong lately.
He also said that nobody would make a move because they feared to be shot and ended his article saying "From deep in my heart, I ask everyone to do something to end this situation".
Lets spread his words, just as he wished. (Pukas)


Both Photos by: Billabong