Mingei International Museum In Balboa Park

Art of The World Art of The People is represented by the Mingei International Museum in San Diego's historic Balboa Park. Currently for the summer, there is an incredible exhibit called Surf Craft, which is a documented collection on surfing history, and some of it's legendary surfboard shapers. It is a really neat experience and we recommend it to everyone, none radical-stoked-surfing enthusiasts as well. Bring your family, bring your significant other, Mingei will not disappoint. The museum has a second level above the Surf Craft Exhibit where they're honoring indigenous cultures of South America, and Africa. There you can see some really amazing hand crafted masks. All in all, Mingei is a great experience, make sure to check it out. 

Todo Tranquilo's founder and Creative Director Tony Navarro hanging out in support of the Surf Craft Exhibit.