Mingei International Museum In Balboa Park

Art of The World Art of The People is represented by the Mingei International Museum in San Diego's historic Balboa Park. Currently for the summer, there is an incredible exhibit called Surf Craft, which is a documented collection on surfing history, and some of it's legendary surfboard shapers. It is a really neat experience and we recommend it to everyone, none radical-stoked-surfing enthusiasts as well. Bring your family, bring your significant other, Mingei will not disappoint. The museum has a second level above the Surf Craft Exhibit where they're honoring indigenous cultures of South America, and Africa. There you can see some really amazing hand crafted masks. All in all, Mingei is a great experience, make sure to check it out. 

Todo Tranquilo's founder and Creative Director Tony Navarro hanging out in support of the Surf Craft Exhibit. 

Sarah Lee Photography w/ Sustainable Surf at Culture Brewing Co

Todo Tranquilo was hanging out at Culture Brewing Co in Solana Beach last week in support of Sarah Lee's photo exhibition. A eco-friendly project benefiting Sustainable Surf, a Southern California nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of our natural environment, specifically the ocean. If you missed this event you can still visit Culture Brewing Co where Sarah Lee's photos will be featured on location from June 6 - July 3. To learn more about this collaboration please click here


Meet Nick, Our Northern California Writer & Yerba Mate Expert

Todo Tranquilo is pleased to announce the addition of blogger and photojournalist, Nick Carrel.  He will be focused on developing blog content with topics related to Todo Tranquilo's lifestyle, and topics of interest.  But in particular, Nick will share some of his knowledge on yerba mate as we develop a section offering traditional yerba mate gourds and accessories.  Keep reading to learn more about Nick & join me in welcoming him to Todo Tranquilo.

With a bushel of yerba mate during a harvest in Argentina.

With a bushel of yerba mate during a harvest in Argentina.

When I came across Todo Tranquilo, it was a Venn-diagram of my interests.  "Surfing. Yerba Mate. The Arts."  While I have been drinking yerba mate for years, it was only recently that I took up surfing.  A long-standing friendship recently blossomed in to a beautiful relationship after both returning from international travels.  My girlfriend has a passion for surfing, and I've been a snowboarder all my life.  We spent all summer at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz and I was hooked.  We included a road trip down to San Clemente, Ventura, San Luis Obispo & Hwy. 1 back up the coast.  Unfortunately, the mountains have had no snow this season.  Fortunately, I've got surfing this winter.

Slacklining at Chambers in Lake Tahoe.

Slacklining at Chambers in Lake Tahoe.

How do you relate to the Todo Tranquilo vibe?

Taosim had an early influence on my spiritual quest for deeper understanding.  In the Tao te Ching, the concept of wei wu wei comes up, which translates to 'doing without doing'.  In the same way a surfer does not overthink his actions while carving, or in the same way an artist allows inspiration to flow from the core of their being, wei wu wei guides a life in harmony with the Tao.  I'm humbled to channel my energy in to a lifestyle brand aligned with my virtues & to express what I love and share it with all of you.

Taking it easy in Posadas, Argentina

Taking it easy in Posadas, Argentina

What is your relationship with yerba mate?

I chose to be an advocate and evangelist for yerba mate, and believe in the health and social benefits it provides.  After having drank it for years, I traveled to S. America to see how it's grown, manufactured and eventually shared among a variety of different cultures.  It's an amazing drink shared by over 90% of folks in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.  In our technologically-frenzied nation challenged by poor health, yerba mate serves as a symbol of health, an off-line social connections and a sign to slow down just a bit.

The drink of the gods - pre surf in Santa Cruz, CA

The drink of the gods - pre surf in Santa Cruz, CA

What are you working on now?

I've teamed up with a local artist, Enrique dePola, who creates amazing ceramic designs.  You wouldn't believe this kid is only in high school - he's thinking about social and environmental issues facing the world of tomorrow, unlike most kids.  Despite the complexity of challenges the future holds, Enrique represents an optimism that the next generation will rise to the occasion of problem-solving.  Anyways, we're designing some California-designed mate gourds that should be available for sale soon.  I'm working on importing organic yerba mate, too.  As a way of educating and introducing traditional yerba mate to the community, I've also hosted yerba mate circles - an opportunity to try different cuts, blends and styles of yerba mate.  If you're in the area, come check it out!  More info here.

Enrique on the wheel, Santa Rosa, CA

Enrique on the wheel, Santa Rosa, CA

Hand-crafted gourds in-the-making, Santa Rosa, CA

Hand-crafted gourds in-the-making, Santa Rosa, CA

What was the last concert you attended?

J-Boog at The New Parish, Oakland, CA

Current playlist?

House of Shem, Katchafire and Jah Rydem

Current book you're reading?

Let My People Go Surfing, by Yvon Chouinard

Next travel destination?

Nicaragua or Costa Rica


Looking forward to the journeys ahead.  Much love to you all.

Love & light,


Mixed Media Art by Tony Navarro

This piece is called Soulflow, (soulful). It represents the feeling of soul surfing. Enjoying the moment and allowing the oceans energy move you. The sketch was done with one fluid stroke, and it flowed nicely to capture the todo tranquilo vibe. After the sketch was done, the background was added using illustrator and photoshop. 

New Todo Tranquilo Brand Ambassadors!

Todo Tranquilo is about representing culture and art in all it's mediums. Today we are extremely honored to have the pleasure to add three new individuals that represent what we are all about. Please visit our Ambassadors page and get to know Steven Rene Jacobo, Billy Winslow, and Beto Nes a.k.a Star27. Much love to everyone out there doing works that inspire and uplift humanity. Todo Tranquilo!  

Alabama Shakes - Hold On

Official music video for "Hold On" - the first single off Alabama Shakes' debut record Boys & Girls. Out now on ATO Records and Rough Trade. Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/boys-girls Buy CD & vinyl: http://ow.ly/9Zr2d Directed by Stephen Shirk and Chris Hershman.


Father's Day Sale

15% Off our entire online store in honor of all the dads out there. Make sure to use the promotional code: Dad to redeem your discount. Happy early Father's Day from Todo Tranquilo.